What We Mean To Christ

What We Mean To Christ


In the movie La La Land, Emma Stone portrays an actress (Mia) who is trying to make it big in Hollywood.  Early in the film we see her audition for a part but through no fault of her own it goes horribly wrong.  Frustrated and depressed at yet another rejection she goes home where she shares an apartment with three other aspiring actresses. They invite her to come to a party that evening but she refuses. They press the invitation but she refuses again wanting to stay home alone. Then the three girlfriends break out into song and they dangle a proverbial carrot that Mia cannot resist. They sing, 

Someone in the crowd
     could be the one you need to know
The someone who could lift you off the ground
Someone in the crowd
     could take you where you wanna go
Someone in the crowd could make you
Someone in the crowd could take you
Flying off the ground
If you’re the someone ready to be found 

With that, Mia quickly gets dressed.  She joins her girlfriends at the party with the hope of finding that one person who will help her become the actress she dreams to be.  

Aren’t you glad that in Christ you are free from all that striving, grasping and trying to be noticed?  In John 15:16 Jesus tells us, “You did not choose me, but I chose you…” These are words we sometimes gloss over, thinking they are meant only for the disciples.  But don’t do that – these words are directed toward you. Jesus is saying that he chose you. He likes you and wants to be with you.  

There is no need for you to try to win his favour or gain his attention.  He chose you. Even though he knows you intimately he still chose you! He chose you knowing your faults and sins and how often you have failed him.  He chose you knowing how many times you failed to walk in his ways and speak a word for him. He chose you knowing that you don’t pray as you ought, or care for others as you much as you care for yourself.  In spite of all of that Jesus still wants to be with you!  

This is the nature of grace.  This is how much you mean to him.  He chose you and continues to choose you.  

You do not need to find that someone in the “crowd you need to know, someone who could lift you off the ground, that someone who could take you where you wanna go, someone who could make you, take you flying off the ground” because you have found that someone in the person of Jesus Christ.  

May you know in your heart how much you mean to him,

Pastor Tom

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