Worship Online

Worship Online

For the next little while, we will create unique, online worship experiences so that you can be the Church, God’s gathered people – right where you are!

Church @ Home

We invite you to join us for our worship service online as a family.

English 9:30 am                 Watch Now
Cantonese 11:00 am      Watch Now
Mandarin 11:00 am        Watch Now

After Service Fellowship

Hang out with us after our worship service! Have a time to connect, fellowship, and pray with those who you normally see on a Sunday. If you’re new, it’s a time to learn a little about SCBC, meet up with people from our online community, and hopefully be encouraged.

Just click the link below to begin! Hosted by a SCBC pastor immediately after each service. Everyone is welcome!


Sunday Online Learning

Continue to grow with us! We have several online opportunities for you to learn and dive further into God’s Word. Click HERE for everything that’s being offered. Classes begin at 11:15am unless otherwise specified. All are welcome to join at any time! You can also select the class of your choice below.

God & I – password: 970347
A Friend Introduces Jesus – password: 026419
Lead Where You Are III (@11:00am) – password: 595253

More NEW and exciting learning opportunities starting the first Sunday in JUNE!

For parents with children…..make sure you check out the Online Family Content section to help you lead your kids at home each week.

Guidance on Communion

While we are physically distant, we will continue to observe communion as we gather together in our homes during SCBC’s online services out of loving obedience and as a response to His invitation. If you are a baptised believer in Jesus Christ, we invite you to participate with us in this act of remembrance. If you have not made a decision to follow Christ as your Lord and Saviour, we ask that you refrain from participation, but continue to watch, listen, and be engaged in the service. During the online service, the pastor will direct the congregation when to partake the elements.

How to prepare for taking communion during the online service

  1. Purchase and prepare grape juice in advance.
  2. Purchase and prepare bread/baked crackers in advance. Unleavened bread (baked without rising agent) has a meaningful significance in the history of Christianity and can be made at home or purchased at many grocery stores. If unavailable, you can select any bread or cracker of your choice.
  3. Have the elements ready to be taken when the service begins. When prompted, please follow along with the pastor’s directions.

Passages to reflect on and prepare yourself for this observance:  
Matthew 26:26-30 / Mark 14:22-26 / Luke 22:19-20 / 1 Corinthians 11:23-29

Encouragement Through the Week

Pastor Kevin will be leading us through Weekly Devotionals to encourage and empower us in our Christian walk.

Each Wednesday, Pastor Derek will share Words of Blessing.

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