God has been so generous towards us and it’s such a privilege that we get to give back to Him. Thanks for your interest in supporting the ministries of SCBC. Your financial support and generosity enables our impact both locally and globally.

Ways you can give

For designated giving to a specific ministry as well as general fund donations, use the following giving methods:

  • Offering Envelopes: At any of our weekend services, you can place cheque or cash into an offering envelope that can be found in the back of the pews.
  • Automatic Withdrawal: Set up automatic monthly withdrawals from your bank account. Please complete an authorization form and email it to Helen Cheung.
  • Online Giving: You can donate with PayPal.
  • By Mail: Make cheque(s) payable to Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church. Ensure your name, offering number and contact information are visible on the cheque(s).

SCBC is an incorporated charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, and each year the church files all forms and reports in compliance with federal regulations. Our annual operating budget is determined every Fall and with each ministry, it is required to present a budget alongside a ministry plan for the year. Every aspect undergoes review, analysis, questions, and a final approval by our general members. To ensure accountability, transparency, and integrity, an independent auditor is retained to conduct annual audits of our financial statements.

Donor information is kept in strict confidence by our Finance Department. No information is sold nor made available without the prior consent of the donor except where disclosure is required by law. Any questions regarding the budget or financial statements can be addressed to our Administration Manager, Philip Jeung.

If you have any questions please contact the church office at 416-297-8011 or e-mail us at