Baptism Sunday – Do You Lack Something?

Baptism Sunday – Do You Lack Something?

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Haddon Robinson tells a story of how sports fans of Altoona Pennsylvania thrilled to the exploits of a young High School star by the name of Steve Lack. Saturday after Saturday the sports pages of the Altoona papers were filled with the deeds of daring of this young man, as he lead his team to consecutive State championships.  

During his senior year the colleges of the country clamored for his services. And Steve Lack agreed to play for the University of North Carolina.  There for three thrill packed years he punched through the line, or raced around the end, or caught a strategic pass that brought fame and glory to his chosen school.

So spectacular was the play of this young athlete that the cheerleaders at the University invented a cheer just for him.  After a particular daring play they would line up in front of the coliseum and they would scream until their voices almost broke.  “Steve Lack, Steve Lack. What does Steve Lack?” And the crowd would thunder back, “Nothing, nothing, nothing.”

When I heard that story I thought, “How would the crowd respond if that cheer was offered up on my behalf?”  What if the cheerleaders shouted, “Tom Cullen, Tom Cullen, what does Tom Cullen lack?” Would the crowd shout back, “Nothing, nothing, nothing.”?  

What would the crowd say if the cheer was offered up on your behalf?  

When Paul stood before the city of Athens he said to them, “Men of Athens, I know you think you lack nothing.  Even in the area of religion you think you lack nothing. But I know you lack one thing and that is a relationship with the  living God” (17:23). And then he began to tell the people of the God they did not know. (17:24 and on) He spoke of God’s creative power and how he does not live in temples built by his creations.  He concluded by pointing people to the risen Jesus Christ and calling the crowd to repentance (17:30-32).

When the Athenians heard about the resurrection of the dead, some men mocked him and some ignored him. They thought that they lacked nothing and there was no need to repent or to respond to the gospel message.  

What about you?  Do you lack this all important relationship?  You may think that your life lacks nothing because you have a job, a good home and are able to take the odd vacation.  But here is the truth, if you don’t have a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, you lack everything. If you are not trusting Jesus Christ to be your Saviour for your sins you have nothing.  

If you feel that you lack nothing then God has nothing to give you.  But for those of you who recognize your poverty of spirit and turn to him in repentance and faith he will fill your life with life to the full.  

With thanksgiving for you,

Pastor Tom

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