Membership Course (June 2 & 9)

Rm 162 Teachers: English Pastors and Deacons Interested in becoming a member at SCBC? You are invited to be part of a two session membership course (June 2 & 9) led by the English pastors and deacons. Each of these sessions will run from 11:15 am – 1:00 pm with light refreshments provided. We will be exploring questions such as “What is the church and why it is important for us?”; “What does church membership mean?”; and “Who is SCBC?”.…

Divine Sex

Room 170 (Class Starts May 12, 2019 @11:15am) Teachers: Rev. Tom Cullen, Rev. Amy Yu, Brian Kliewer The title of our class is borrowed from the book by Jonathan Grant. It is our desire to cast a Christian vision for relationships in a hypersexualized age. We’ll begin with having Pastor Tom lead a discussion on the theological foundation for our relationships. Pastor Amy will then lead us in a study of how to talk to children about sexuality. July and…

Introduction to Christian Life

Room 162 Teachers: Rev. Tom Cullen, Pastor Jonathan Nip & Team Looking to grow in understanding our faith and what it means to follow Jesus? We will be offering an exciting opportunity to explore what it means to live our new life in Christ. This course will be for both youth and adults, as well as a PREREQUISITE FOR THOSE CONSIDERING BAPTISM. It will be co-led by the English ministry pastors, along with special guests!

The Unhindered Work of the Holy Spirit

Room 160 Teachers: Deacon Sam Chan, Vivien Gam, Kenneth Lau, Gary Tong The book of Acts provides a bridge for the writings of the New Testament. As a second volume to Luke’s Gospel it joins what Jesus “began to do and to teach” (1:1) as told in the Gospel with what He continued to do and teach through the apostles’ preaching and the establishment of the church. Believers are to continue this work with the words of Jesus: “You will…

Fundamentals of Faith – A Discipleship Journey

Room 161 Teachers: Ben & Esther Leung Tou We will journey through 13 lessons to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ – of seeking, study, and discovery. These next 13 weeks will be an intentional and strategic process of seeking a deeper and more meaningful Christian experience. The lessons blend basic Biblical truths with personal obedience and service – with topics ranging from the character of God to church participation. It will involve thought, prayer, study, sharing…

Incomplete: More Than Belief

Room 162 Teachers: Rev. Scott Bissell, Peter Yien What does it mean to have real faith? What does it take to move beyond ideas to something practical? If you are trying to figure what Christian faith is or just feel the need to dig deeper, come and explore. Topics we will be covering include: What is real faith? How does faith connect life? Where is wisdom found? Can God be heard? What is the practical outworking of faith?

Seeker Class: Ecclesiastes

Teachers: Terri Chong & Matthew To Addressing Mankind’s Insatiable Need for Meaning and for More. “This is boring.”, “It’s useless.”, “What’s the point?”, “Who cares?”, “If only…”, etc. We all have hang-ups about ‘living the life’. We look at our environment & at others to make sense of life, at times assuming it’s about getting a BIGGER.. NICER.. FASTER.. HAPPIER.. COOLER..    (fill in the blank)   , which history & time prove to be a chimera of epic proportion.  King Solomon…

A Friend of God

Teacher: Rev. Tom Cullen A Study of the Life of Abraham in Genesis 12-23 Abraham is called a “friend of God” in James 2:23; 2 Chronicles 20:7; Isaiah 41:8. The question is, how can we be a friend of God? Jesus says in John 15:13,14 that is possible. So we’ll be looking at how this friendship is initiated by God, and nurtured through a thirst for God, trust in God and obedience to God.