A Mother’s Sharing on her P2P experience – Michelle Pon

A Mother’s Sharing on her P2P experience – Michelle Pon

Before the P2P Getaway, I felt anxious about the weekend. I knew it was important to talk to my child about the upcoming teenage years, what to expect and about the importance of remaining pure but I was scared that I was introducing this discussion to my child too early.  The P2P Getaway material allowed us to listen to material together and reinforce lessons with activities. Everything was actually very timely and age appropriate. I especially appreciated Pastor Amy’s support, prayers and guidance and that we were able to getaway with other parents with children of similar age. We were able to encourage and support each other.  Our group were from different congregations at SCBC, but truly, we spoke the same language all weekend: Love for God, love for our children. It was a beautiful time of fellowship, love, laughter, and getting out of our comfort zones together.

My child liked that she got to spend time with me with undivided attention and she liked learning about how God wants her to stay pure.  The activities were fun and helped her to easily understand the messages.

I would definitely recommend the P2P Getaway to other parents with young children. It was a very special and memorable weekend for both of us.

媽媽對貞導向課程的分享 (英語翻譯)

在準備P2P Getaway之前,我對整個周末感到焦慮。因為我知道將要和我女兒談談即將來到的青春期的問題,例如保持貞潔的重要性和其他將會遇到的挑戰。我也很焦慮自己是否過早介紹這個題目。

P2P Getaway是一個讓父母與子女一起聆聽的課程,而每個敎導的題目後都會有一個有趣及適齡的活動。我特別感謝神有敎會及牧者的支持,禱告和指導,我們能夠與其他有相似年齡的孩子的父母一起學習、彼此鼓勵和相互支持。我真的覺得這個經驗好像與家人在一起渡過。

雖然我在這個P2P gateaway 之前,都不認識參與的父母,但在gateway 的過程中,因著我們每個父母對子女的愛,我深深覺得我們活在一個彼此都很熟悉的大家庭。這次參與的家庭是來自SCBC三語的會眾,雖然我們的母語不同,但我們在周末𥚃都講同樣的語言:就是愛上帝,用上帝的愛去愛我們的孩子。這是一段美麗的時間,團契,充滿愛和笑聲,並且是我們一起走出自己的安全感的經歷。

我的女兒很喜歡我們一起專注相處的時間,她也很喜歡學習上帝的心意和如何讓她保持貞潔。她覺得每個活動都很有趣,因為能幫助她輕鬆地學習。 我會把這個課程推薦其他父母去帶小朋友去經歷P2P Getaway。感謝牧者在Getaway之前和之中的禱告,為我作好準備和認識與子女溝通的重要性,這都給我留下了深刻的印象。上帝多奇妙!他回答了我們的禱告,祝福整個週末。對我們兩母女來說,這是一個非常特別,難忘的周末。

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