Children Programs FAQ


Children Programs FAQ


Frequently asked questions


Who is in charge of the programs?

All leaders must be members or adherents of SCBC and be in good standing. For volunteers, we require that they have been attending SCBC for a minimum of 6 months. They must complete a Ministry Personnel Application Form, have signed the SCBC Statement of Faith and Beliefs, have reference checks, have gone through an interview with the Pastors/Chair of Children’s ministries, have passed their Canadian Police Information Clearance (CPIC) or Vulnerable Sector Search, have gone through children’s ministry personnel training (Plan to Protect), and have been approved by the Pastors. SCBC will have a personnel file to be kept permanently with our church records. All volunteers will be monitored by Ministry Leads and/or Pastors through formal and informal visits to all classrooms and programs.

What will you be teaching my children?

Please see the page content for GLO, Kidz 2 Knights, and SummerFun for program information.

Will you be feeding them?

During various programs, we do provide snacks and the occasional meal to our children. Parents will be notified ahead of time should we be providing full meals for the children. All snacks/meals are entirely optional.

What if my kid has allergies?

Should your child have allergies, our first-timer form from all children programs requires that you indicate what allergies your child has, and also what you want us to do should your child have a reaction. We do our best to enforce the regulation that our environment is a nut-free zone. During K2K, the children have nametags that list out their various allergies so the leaders know what not to give them. In this instance, to the best of our abilities, we will provide an alternative snack for your children. Summer Fun lunches are an optional add-in for our camp and do not cater to any allergies/dietary restrictions other than our nut-free mandate. Should this be a concern, please opt out of purchasing this option for your children and instead, continue to pack them a lunch as usual.

Will you be taking them off-site?

During various programs like K2K and SummerFun , we do take our children on field trips. This will only be done after parents/guardians fill out permission and waiver forms, and will only be done when the number of leaders to children meets the required Plan to Protect standards.

What if my kid has special needs/requires extra assistance?

Please indicate your needs in the first timer registration form, so we will arrange accordingly.

Does it cost money?

All Sunday morning and afternoon programs are free of charge.
Both K2K and SummerFun do come with a cost which is used to subsidize materials needed to provide these programs. This cost varies by year. Please check the individual programs for further cost details.

Can I stay and watch?

According to Plan to Protect , any visitors must be visibly noted as such, primarily with a visitor’s nametag, and must be accompanied by a certified leader at all times. We understand there may be newcomers who would like to observe, and we will do what we can to accommodate for this, but we encourage parents/guardians to allow their children to attend our programs on their own as much as possible.

Who can I talk to if I have a problem?

General Inquiries –
Pastor – Joanne Lee –
Charge Pastor -Amy Yu –



所有在士浸兒童部服事的領導必須是本會有良好信譽的會友。我們亦需要所有義工有在本會參與最少六個月。他們必須填妥事工申請表、簽署士浸的信仰聲明、通過參考檢查、接受了兒童傳道和事工面試、持有加拿大無犯罪紀錄證明書(CPIC)或警察局的無刑事檢查、完成兒童事工 Plan to Protect 訓練課程、及得到牧師或傳道人的訪問及批准。所有義工的個人資料會永久保存在教會資料庫內。活動期間教牧亦會不時進行考察。


請在相關的網頁閱讀訊息: GLO , Kidz 2 KnightsSummerFun




如果你的孩子有過敏情況,請在申請表格上寫明,讓我們的義工預早了解孩童的情況和應付方法。我們在課室內竭力保持無堅果的環境。在 K2K 項目期間,孩童會戴上附有敏感標籤的名牌,讓義工特別警惕。我們亦盡力對有過敏的小孩提供替代的食物。暑期夏日營所提供的午膳是額外選擇的項目,食物只限不含堅果,並沒為其他過敏情況而設,請自行判斷或剔除午膳項目,改為自備午餐。


在某些項目如 K2K暑期夏日營 ,小孩子會有機會外出作活動。我們會先得家長簽署同意書及豁免表格,以及得到由 Plan to Protect 建議的領導對小孩比率,才允許孩童參與外出活動。




K2K暑期夏日營 是付費項目,費用是用來資助需用的教材。每年訂立的費用不同,請查詢相應項目資料。


根據 Plan to Protect ,所有訪者必須由會內認可的領導陪同及戴上名牌。我們會盡力鼓勵家長讓孩子自己參與活動,但亦明白有些新來賓初訪時會希望陪同小孩,我們會盡力協助。


一般問題 –
兒童事工 – 李樂欣傳道 –
兒童事工主任 – 虞黃美蘭傳道 –

Plan to Protect is an annually updated policy customized for SCBC. The plan enforces abuse prevention and vulnerable sector protection. We believe that by equipping our team with effective and customized policies, procedures, and training, our church will become a safe community for all to enjoy.

Plan to Protect 是一個為士浸訂製及每年更新的政策。此政策具有避免虐待兒童及弱勢社群的措施。我們相信一套有效及專門定制的政策、程序、及訓練會令教會成為一個更安全及讓人安心享用的社區。