古潔明 Kit-Ming Koo

古潔明 Kit-Ming Koo

Calling into Ministry

Kit-ming Koo, M.R.E., M.A., R.M.F.T., R.P., 
AAMFT  Approved Supervisor
CAMFT Approved Supervisor
Executive Director/ Therapist
Living Water Water Counselling Centre
CAMFT Approved SupervisorExecutive Director/ Therapist
Living Water Water Counselling Centre

When I was 5, an evangelical gospel team came to our village (in Hong Kong) and taught us children hymns and the love story of Jesus Christ’ salvation.  Ever since then the love of Jesus was like a powerful magnet that drawn me to seek to know and learn more about Him.

Through the genuine testimony of my Christian teachers and the biblical teaching of my respectful pastor, I learned how to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and eventually  decided to accept Jesus’ call to be His disciple and to live for Him (Luke 9:30) when I was 17.

Through both the Old and New Testament I learned that God frequently called people to Himself and to His work which were different from personal dreams and ambitions. I longed to know God’s plan for my life and His calling to vocational ministry. Through prayer and help from pastoral counsel and spiritual examination, I eventually entered into a seminary to equip myself to serve Him and people.  Upon graduation in 1976, I ministered at my home church for 3 years.  During those years of serving, I faced real challenges in providing counseling to broken marriage and family relationships, spiritual and emotional turmoil. I found that most Christians used to spiritualize their problems or departmentalized the issues as spiritual or secular.  There were misconception on the Christian faith on the wholeness of life (physical – psycho-social-spiritual) that led Christians living in a divided life.

God had put in my heart the increasing compassion in the loss and the hurt of people and a growing desire to further equip myself in Christian based professional counseling.  Out of a renewed mind through prayer, waiting for His guidance, spiritual consultation and gift affirmation, God had opened door for me to further my study in the Reformed Theological Seminary in the States on both Religious Education and Marriage and Family Counselling (1979 -1883). After graduation God sent me to minister at a church in Sudbury for another 3 years before He confirmed my compassion and vocational call.  In October 1986, I was officially employed by the Ontario Chinese Christian Medical Fellowship (OCCMF), a non-profit charitable organization to pioneer the Biblical based and professionally integrated counseling services to the immigrated Chinese community. In October 1986 Living Water Counselling Centre (LWCC) was officially opened in Scarborough and in 1993 LWCC became an independent organization.  2010 marked another milestone for the LWCC with a revitalized vision and moved to the new office setting in Richmond Hill and continued to expand the  horizon of our mission of  accompanying people into the journey of working and living towards an undivided life that are more resonant with souls in this wounded world.

As the Executive Director/Therapist, my major duties are to collaborate with the board to catalyze and facilitated visioning and re-visioning for short-term and long-term developments of the Centre including strategize for resources development, budgeting, overall leadership and supervision as well as cultivate partnerships with churches and community agencies.  For the past 30 years, because of His grace  and  with  loving and faithful partnership of  supporters, LWCC  was able to continued to progress and stayed our course of  caring out our mission through the 4-faceted  holistic service model of psychotherapy/marriage & family counselling, psycho-social-spiritual education, care-giver and professional training as well as  spiritual formation, helping  individuals, couples, and families with different  life situations to grow towards wholeness of  life with multi-linqual.  In addiction, we endeavor to build a caring and healthy community through partnerships with churches, social services networks, and multi-disciplinary professionals. We witnessed numerous lives being transformed; relationships being restored and reconnected; and the health of communities being empowered.  We are more committed to our calling than ever before.

I and LWCC value very much of your extra-ordinary partnership in joining hands with us.  Together we can actualize His love in action among our fellow human beings, so that the next generation can look forward to a promising life of faith, love and hope.



當我5歲的時候,有一隊福音團隊來到我住的村莊(香港),教我們一班孩子唱詩和耶穌基督救恩的故事。從那時起,耶穌的愛就像一塊強力的磁鐵,吸引我去尋求祂。透過我的基督徒老師的見證和牧者的聖經教導,我學會與主耶穌建立個人關係,在我17歲的時候定意要成為主的門徒並為祂而活(路加福音9:30)。我一直尋求神在我生命中的計劃和祂要呼召我從事甚麼職業。經過祈禱和印證,我先後接受過的裝備,包括: 神學,專業輔導,宗教教育,婚姻與家庭輔導。期間我服侍過的機構組織,包括: 我香港的母會,加拿大Sudbury的一間教會,安省的Ontario Chinese Christian Medical Fellowship。直到1986年10月,泉源輔道中心在士嘉堡工正式成立,及後搬遷到列治文山的新辦公室,我就在這裡服侍至今。泉源一直為大多市華人社區提供適切的全人輔導、心理健康及家庭生活教育,及同輩與專業輔導訓練。