Photo Book for Pastor Derek In order to show our appreciation to Pastor Derek for his leadership and servanthood in the past 4 years, the Deacon Board would like to pay him a special tribute in the form of a photo album. You are all invited to take part by submitting photos, personal messages and/or any special memories that would make his day.
By clicking to get the links to post my photo images and messages (collectively, “Personal Information”), I have consented to the collection and use of my Personal Information for the sole purpose of paying our special tribute to Rev. Derek Li in the form of creating a hard copy of a photo book. Thank You!
請點擊以獲取發布我的照片圖像和消息(統稱為“個人信息”)的鏈接,我已同意收集和使用我的個人信息,其唯一用途是向 Derek Li 牧師致敬。謝謝!