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Church Building Closed 教會暫停開放

Due to severe weather condition forecast, the church building is closed on February 10 (Friday) from 5:00pm. All events on Friday cancelled. Resume as usual on Saturday.

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最新資訊 Latest News

  • 電郵給你的國會議員有關 M-103 (種族和宗教歧視) 的提案


    請點擊 doc 更多背景資料和提議電郵版本



    Email to Your Member of Parliament re: Concern about Motion M-103 (Systemic Racism and Religious Discrimination)

    There is a parliamentary Motion 103 to condemn Islamophobia and track incidents of hate crime against Muslims in Canada, scheduled for parliamentary debate in April. There is much concern about M-103 that specifically refers to “Islamophobia”, but leaves the term undefined and open to interpretation. This may inhibit freedom to critique Islam, and infringement on freedom of speech. As Christians, we must continue to denounce anti-Muslim hatred, and love our neighbours, including our Muslim neighbours, classmates or co-workers. But we need to express our concern about M-103 through email to our respective Member of Parliament for a balanced approach.

    Please click here doc for more background and a sample email


  • Orange Conference 2016

    兒童事工領袖和教牧同工參加2016年4月的Orange Conference會議。會議是難能可貴的,因為我們與來自不同國家的8000名其他人,齊唱讚美歌曲,聽到感人的見證,從家庭事工專家學習。 Orange策略焦點專注於下一代,並提供行動計劃,聯合家庭和教會去培育下一代。

    Children's Ministry leaders and pastoral staff attended the Orange Conference in April 2016. The Orange Conference was amazing as we worshipped with 8000 others from different countries, singing heartfelt songs of praise, hearing touching testimonies, and learning from experts in family ministries. The Orange strategy focuses on the next generation and provides strategies to combine family and church to raise this generation.

    Please take a look at the exciting Orange Recap Video as well as our own reflective SCBC recap powerpoint presentation
  • 新美麗徑大道將於明年1月初通車
    Finally the New Milliken Blvd will be open to traffic around early January, 2017

    Download: doc 介紹 Introduction   pdf 路線圖 roadmap

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